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Project Description

Ever Bake Systems, manufacturer and supplier of high-end baking equipment, decided to revamp its brand identity post the introduction of a new generation of entrepreneurs to the business. The company decided to change focus from smaller bakeries to larger hotels and restaurant chains, and wanted an image that reflects the new philosophy. Ecannus Design was entrusted with the change.

With years of experience in the business the company had several advantages to offer – abundant industry knowledge, high-end technology, and a well established service network to name a few. Extensive brainstorming allowed us to identify that one important differentiator to work on – the end product or the confectioneries. Every piece of confectionery churned out by Everbake’s equipment is consistent in color, form and flavor. It is the “art of baking”.

The brand is created around this central thought. The logo represents a baking tray. It is used in perspective to reflect timelessness and dynamism. The colors are young and energetic depicting the company’s youth. The straight-line font represents technicality and the chamfer edges remind us of a baked product.